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What is Herbal Tea Treatment?

Herbal tea treatment is a natural and herbal therapy in Asian herbal medicine. Herbal medicine are extracted by boiling in hot water. Herbal tea is taken orally to cure a variety of diseases and symptoms.

pelvic inflammatory disease


Herbal Treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

Our herbal tea treatment is formulated from numerous herbal medicine research and clinical studies. The herbal formulas are very potent in treating various women pelvic inflammatory disease (pid), including bacteria infection, cyst, erosion, ectropion, abscess, adhesion, polyp, prolapse, blockage and obstruction in the pelvis, such as the fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, cervix, vagina, peritoneum, endometrium, etc.

In addition to pid diseases, our special herbal tea formulas have excellent efficacy in treating and curing women infertility, irregular menstruation, irregular periods, vaginal odor, spotting between periods, irregular vaginal discharge, itching, etc.

For women with pid or symptoms in the pelvic organs, western medicine is not suitable for these chronic symptoms. However, our herbal tea treatment and herbal treatment system has the best solutions to a variety of women pelvic symptoms because the treatment protocol has a natural and thorough approach to cure these pid symptoms.


PID Cure with Herbal Tea Treatment

Our herbal treatment for pelvic inflammatory disease has excellent efficacy than other western treatments and conventional herbal medicine because we have the following distinctive features.

Comprehensive Herbal Tea Treatment for Pelvic Inflammatory Disease

PID is a complicated disease that typically involves a few pelvic organs such as cervix, vagina, uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries. In addition to bacteria infection, there are also other symptoms and problems, such as erosion, cyst, ectropion, abscess, adhesion, blockage, obstruction. Sometimes, irregular periods, irregular menstruation, vaginal odor, vaginal itching, women infertility are also popular in women with chronic pid.

Conventional western antibiotic treatment has poor cure efficacy on pid infections, let alone other pid symptoms. Therefore, we have seen many cases of pelvic inflammatory disease with chronic or recurrences.


Herbal Tea Treatment to Cure Pelvic Infection

Our herbal tea therapy has multiple purposes. First, natural antibiotic content of herbal medicine stops bacteria infection from further spreading and damaging pelvic tissues, then slows down growth of bacteria cycle, finally force them to wither.

Herbal Tea Treatment To Cure Pelvic Erosion, Cyst, Blockage and Obstruction

While herbal medicine is eradicating pid infections, dissolving content of herbal medicine is working on reducing symptoms of erosion, cyst, abscess, blockage and obstruction. Shrinking and removing these pid symptoms reduce damage from toxin and inflammation, facilitate obstructed blood flow.


Herbal Tea Treatment Cures Sickened Pelvis

As women is suffering from pid, the pelvis is often inflamed, infected, with lots of cyst, erosion, wastes, etc. Blood flow in pelvis is severely stagnant with poor blood circulation, therefore, the tissues are in very sick state. Activating content of herbal medicine is responsible for promoting blood circulation, dissipate blood stagnation, creating a favorable condition for tissue cells to grow. When strong blood flow is restored in the pelvis, immune system is also restored after continuous supply of white blood cells from the body through blood streams. The healthy condition of the pelvis stops both bacteria and erosion/cyst from surviving.


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